Why Choose Attorney Michael Reichert?

Why Choose Attorney Michael Reichert?

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Michael Reichert, an experienced St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorney who cares about you and your case.

Experience the difference between Michael Reichert and other St. Louis Bankruptcy Attorneys.

Other attorneys overcharge their clients, and then spend little to no time with them, and don't really care about them or their case.

With Attorney Michael Reichert, it is the exact opposite.

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Why Choose Attorney Michael Reichert?

AFFORDABLE FEES (Bankruptcy $600 - $900)*

Affordable fees and easy payment plans:

Bankruptcy $600 - $900

Some Other Saint Louis Attorneys:


Much Higher fees, plus you will likely have little to no interaction with your attorney

EASY TO REACH YOUR ATTORNEY AT ANYTIMEEasily accessible to discuss your case at ANY TIME. I even give out my cell phone number!I have a rule that I will either pick up the phone right away, or I will call you back right away. I also respond very quickly to emails. Getting things taken care of quickly helps both you and me.

314 600 8276

VERY DIFFICULT TO REACH AND GET RESPONSES FROMMany attorneys are very difficult to reach. You have to leave messages for them and wait days to hear back. Many attorneys will pass most of the work off to a paralegal, so you will have little to no ability to discuss anything with your attorney.When you call many law firms for the first time, you will NOT speak to an attorney. You will only speak initially with a paralegal or secretary. They will not be able to give you any detailed information about bankruptcy law.

When you call my office, you speak to me, personally, right away. I start taking information and assessing your options right away and give you a price quote.

I DO NOT HAND ANY PART OF YOUR CASE TO A PARALEGALI do NOT let paralegals handle ANY aspect of your case. I handle all aspects of your case PERSONALLY. MANY FIRMS RELY ON PARALEGALS FOR A MAJORITY OF THE PAPERWORKMany firms have paralegals handle the initial question and information session. Then the attorneys pass all the paperwork onto the paralegals as well.Quite frankly, most bankruptcy paralegals do not have the necessary training or skill to properly assist a bankruptcy attorney and ensure that a bankruptcy petition is properly and thoroughly prepared.

If anything is incorrect or missing in your bankruptcy, it could delay or even adversely affect your ability to get a discharge.

Who do you want preparing your bankruptcy petition?

A paralegal?

Or an attorney who has handled well over 1000 bankruptcy cases and focuses his practice on bankruptcy and debt negotiation?

I do NOT make you fill out ANY forms.When you come to my office, you sit down, and I offer you some complimentary soda, tea, or water.I handle ALL the paperwork and I write down all the necessary information MYSELF.

You don't even have to write down your own name!!!!

Many other attorneys will give you a packet of forms to fill out that in some cases is literally 50 pages.Some attorneys even expect you to write out the name and address of every single creditor you owe.
I help my clients with their cases in county courtMany clients come to me after they have been sued on a credit card or medical bill. Sometimes they have a court date which is right around the corner. If they do not do something about that court date, the creditor will obtain a judgment and start garnishing them immediately.What I do for many of MY clients is help them with that lawsuit in the City of St. Louis or St. Louis County. As an attorney, I can delay the creditors from getting a judgment. In the meantime, my client and I work on getting their bankruptcy prepared. This stops my clients from getting a judgment on their credit and buys them a little breathing room!

Then, once we are ready, we file the bankruptcy, and that lawsuit is dismissed.

Some other attorneys will not even tell you that it is possible for them to represent you in county court. They will just let you get a judgment against you and let your wages be garnished while you are attempting to pay for your bankruptcy fees.
I am an experienced bankruptcy attorney. I have handled close to 1000 bankruptcy cases, both in Missouri here and in another state.I am a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, AND the Better Business Bureau.I am very thorough. I look at all the details of your situation during the free initial consultation and give you ALL of your legal options. I do not sugar coat anything, rather I work only to get you the best path to becoming debt free while protecting your property and your wages.

I know how to spot when someone has a lien on their property, and I routinely help people remove these liens from their property as part of the bankruptcy process.

I have even helped clients with unusual situations such as forcing their school to turn over academic transcripts. This helped my client further her education and thereby improve her life.

I have defended my clients aggressively during theextremely rare instances when a creditor tries to say that a debt was not allowed to be eliminated. The creditor wanted to settle right away but we pushed it all the way to trial and were ready to go to trial and win. In that case, I was able to settle the claim for pennies on the dollar and my client was able to move on with his life successfully with well over 95% of his debt being eliminated completely.

Some firms hire attorneys right out law school and expect them to start handling your case with little or no training.Some firms handle your case in a very rushed manner and quite frankly may miss things; they may forget to add a certain debt. They may not question you properly to ensure your paperwork is complete and accurate. They may not realize you have a lien on your house or know how to get rid of it.Who would you rather have handling your bankruptcy? An attorney who just graduated law school and has to rush through cases?

Or an attorney who has handled close to 1000 bankruptcy cases and has focused his practice primarily on bankruptcy?

I have been working with bankruptcy debtors since 2004. I have helped many good people who deserve a fresh start.

One client came to me in tears after her case was quite frankly mishandled by another attorney who did not properly fill out the paperwork. I took over her case on an emergency basis and worked non stop for a week to get all the required documentation which should have been prepared prior to the case being filed. She successfully completed her bankruptcy case and we even removed a lien from her house that saved her tens of thousands of dollars.

Listen to her testimonial.

Evening and weekend appointments AND FREE initial consultations.In addition to being readily accessible on the phone or through email and even text messaging, I am very flexible when it comes to working around your schedule.I will make every effort to get you in quickly, and see you when it is convenient for YOU. Even if that means an evening or weekend appointment. Most other attorneys keep "banker's hours."They only see clients from 9-5 and they may not have Saturday hours.I try not to make a habit of it, but if necessary, I will even see you on Sunday, and I have done that many times over the years. I do what is necessary to help people.
I go to court for you personally.I cannot remember the last time that I sent another attorney to court to handle a court date for one of my clients.And on the extremely rare occasion that I do send another attorney due to a vacation or illness, etc, I make sure that attorney knows the details of your case very well so you can feel comfortable as you have your meeting with the trustee. Believe it or not, at some other firms, the attorney who reviews and explains your bankruptcy petition with you is NOT always the attorney who goes with you to court.Many firms will send another attorney , who you have never met, to court with you. Some of these attorneys are not even very knowledgeable about bankruptcy and they are often not very well informed about the details of your case.This can make a big difference not only in how stressful your court date will be, but also in whether or not your case may be delayed or have problems. The last thing you want is an inexperienced "stand in" attorney with you on your court date who may not know the best path to take and may not know how to advise you.
I will explain the whole process and give you a timeline overview of where you are at throughout the bankruptcy process.I explain everything. One of the biggest complaints I hear from people who have come to me after seeing other attorneys is that "they did not explain anything"Or they say" they never told me about that option or about that issue"

Other law firms seem to be rushing their clients through the process and not answering all their questions, or identifying all possible issues early on. This is simply not how I operate.

I am going to question you thoroughly to ensure your bankruptcy is prepared properly. I am going to tell you right away if there are any issues with your case, and I will tell you how we can legally avoid or mitigate those issues, if possible.

For example, a huge issue with clients is whether they have to turn over tax refunds. Tax refunds in bankruptcy is a surprisingly tricky and complicated issue. You really have to know what you're doing to help a client avoid losing their tax refund. I tell my clients exactly what they have to do and what legal exemptions they need to claim in order to protect their tax refund from the court and creditors.

And I am going to answer all your questions and give you valuable information sheetstelling you exactly what you need to do on your end, and what documents you need to provide.

I am respectful. I am friendly. I try to make clients feel relaxed and know that I am only looking out for their best interests.In short, I care about my clients.I want their cases to go smoothly so they can move forward with their lives, and be happy, and refer more good people in bad financial situations to me! Many other attorneys will not be very nice to you. Some, but not all, will not appear very interested in your case. They may even seem "gruff."As I stated above, at many firms your interaction with your attorney will be very limited. That is simply not the case at my firm.