Stop Garnishment

Wage garnishments deduct 25 percent of your net employment check, which can make life even more difficult if you are already living paycheck to paycheck. Additionally, a sheriff delivers garnishment orders to your payroll department, causing further stress and embarrassment. If you are facing garnishment, it is important to file your bankruptcy as soon as possible. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help.

At Michael A. Reichert Attorney at Law, in St. Louis, Missouri, we help clients prevent or stop garnishment through bankruptcy. We will immediately act on your behalf, often filing cases in the same week or even same day, thereby stopping wage garnishments. Additionally, we will immediately provide notice to your employer’s payroll department, the attorneys representing the creditor and any other involved parties.

St. Louis Bank Garnishment Attorney Advocating For You

If proper notice is given, bank account levies will stop within one to two pay periods after a bankruptcy is filed. Additionally, any creditor garnishment taken out after you file bankruptcy can be recovered.

As a dedicated St. Louis wage garnishment attorney, Michael Reichert will guide you through the entire bankruptcy process, from the initial filing to a complete discharge of your debt. He believes that everyone deserves a second chance and will work vigorously to help you obtain a fresh start.

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