Car Repossession

How I Can Help You

St. Louis Car Repossession Lawyer

If you are struggling with car payments, especially associated with other debt, you may be concerned about repossession of your vehicle. Fortunately, you have options at your disposal to fight against vehicle repossession. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can provide advice, solutions and representation.

Based in St. Louis, Michael A. Reichert Attorney at Law, works with clients throughout Missouri who are struggling with overwhelming debt. We understand the stress caused by creditor harassment and car repossession. Typically we help to resolve these issues for clients through bankruptcy, as it will stop a repossession immediately upon filing. We also will help your car payments transform from unaffordable to affordable:

Current average car loan interest rate 18-24 percent
Interest rate set by bankruptcy court 5.01 percent

Additionally, we can decrease your monthly car payment and increase the length of time you have to pay your car loan back. This allows you to keep your car and allocate the money you save to other living expenses.

Keep Your Car In Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to keep your car and also offers you a safety net. As long as you make your monthly payments, you can walk away later without penalty, should the car become too expensive or break down. Additionally, bankruptcy allows you to rebuild your credit, making future car loans a possibility.

As an experienced St. Louis car repossession attorney, Michael Reichert will offer trusted advice and guidance at every step of your case, from initial filing to the discharge of your debt.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.