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Mr. Reichert is an experienced bankruptcy attorney who cares about you and your case. Mr. Reichert has helped nearly 1,000 clients in Missouri take a wide range of aggressive actions:

  • Remove liens from their property that would have cost them tens of thousands of dollars to pay off
  • Reduce car payments dramatically (with Chapter 13) by lowering the interest AND principal
  • Force car lenders to accept refinancing under better terms with lower payments (Chapter 7 redemption)
  • Get back money that was taken from them through garnishments, even after the money was returned to the creditor
  • Eliminate second mortgages from their homes. (Call to discuss whether your second mortgage qualifies.)
  • Force their college to provide an academic transcript so that client can further his or her education at another school
  • Stop foreclosures on the courthouse steps the very morning of the day the property was to be sold. (An extreme case, but it shows that Michael Reichert goes above and beyond for his clients. If you do need help stopping a foreclosure, it is best to contact us as far ahead of the foreclosure as possible!)

Low Fees and Flexible Payment Plans From Just $19 per week

Chapter 7 Fees
Fees for Chapter 7 filing at Michael Reichert, Attorney at Law, are typically from $600 to $900.

Mr. Reichert makes bankruptcy affordable for almost any client.

  • Consultations are FREE over the phone or at our office!
  • Flexible payment plans start as low as $19 per week. We can set up payments to be conveniently debited from your bank account or debit card on a schedule you select!
  • Consultations are confidential and FREE. Then get started with just $50 down.

Chapter 13 Fees
Fees for Chapter 13 with lawyer Michael Reichert are typically from $0 to $600.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy

  • Wipe the slate clean without having to pay anything back.
  • A fantastic option for those wishing to get a fresh financial start.
  • Eliminate their debt while protecting wages and property.

Chapter 13 debt consolidation

  • Roll all your debts into one convenient and affordable payment. Good for people with higher incomes, more property or those wishing to stop foreclosure.
  • You still reduce or eliminate most debts entirely with this type of bankruptcy. In most cases pay back a small fraction of your debt at 0 percent interest over a three- to five- year payment plan.

Michael Reichert has the experience and knowledge to help his clients get the most out of the bankruptcy process, and ensure their property is protected.

Thinking of filing bankruptcy in St. Louis? Attorney Michael A. Reichert has helped close to 1,000 people obtain relief from their debts through bankruptcy, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.