Client Testimonials

Called Mr Reichart 09 OCT to file for Rental Eviction, on 12 OCT the Tenants were served, On 01 NOV we got our Default Judgment and on 12 NOV the Tenants moved out without a leg to stand on. The efficiency of his efforts to assist me in getting my home back is beyond reproach. His professionalism and active listening skills in filing my case allowed me to sit back and see the legal process work at it’s best. I have a renewed view of all the good things an attorney can do for someone in need. I would highly recommend his services and will retain his services for any multitude of legal action or review if the need arises.

I did extensive research to find the right attorney for my situation and I found Michael Reichert. I couldn’t ask for a better lawyer. I would definitely recommend Michael Reichert if you’re looking for an attorney to hire that is affordable and an attorney that provides exceptional service.

My mother had a very problematic tenant who was not paying rent and was destroying her property. Mr. Reichert did an outstanding job from beginning to end. I come from a family of attorneys and I can say from first hand experience that he is one of the most available attorneys I have ever encountered. He was always, always available on his cell to discuss our issues and concerns and get things taken care of as quickly as possible. He would always return calls.

We were very blessed to have found Mr. Reichert to help us in this very difficult time period in our lives. Our tenants hired an attorney who tried to delay the case at every turn and filed frivolous motions trying to get even more delay. Mr. Reichert got all of the motions denied. He took our case to trial, and did an excellent job. His knowledge of the law and his preparation of our exhibits were outstanding. We obtained a judgment that gave us back our property as well as all the back rent, late fees, and attorneys fees. Now Mr. Reichert is even helping us collect on the money we are owed. He also helped my mother with a municipal ordinance ticket that she unfortunately received as a result of the tenants misconduct.

I would recommend Mr. Reichert to any landlord. His fees were extremely affordable as well, especially considering all the motions and two trials he had to conduct on our behalf.

Mr. Reichert went above and beyond for us. He got us everything we were asking for. We were blessed to have him on our side, as well as to have the facts and truth on our side. We were able to show the judge that our tenants were lying and sabotaging and in the wrong. We now have our property back and can put it to good use.

Mr. Reichert is very professional. He explained the entire bankruptcy process in detail, informs you in a timely manner of everything you need to submit or have completed to make this ordeal less stressful. Knowing, that I am currently without transportation Mr Reichert kindly offered to come to my home to secure all the documents and payment needed to start my journey. I truly appreciated this act of kindness. He is straight forward and to the point. I can honestly say Mr Reichert responds to all phone calls. Wow! imagine your attorney answering the phone and not the secretary or para legal. I would recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney.

We had previously worked with an attorney that was not responsive and had us doing so much leg work we wondered what we were paying them for. Michael made the whole process smooth and painless. He handled the paperwork, assisted us with our budget and recommended the most affordable and time efficient online credit counseling class. He followed-up throughout the process and made us feel that he was truly working for our best interest.

I had a tenant who was consistently late with payments and was getting to the point that he was behind by more than 3 months. I have heard many horror stories about trying to evict someone and I was trying to avoid the whole eviction process. When it became clear that the only course of action would be hiring a lawyer I got a few recommendations and contacted a handful of lawyers. I chose Mr. Reichert because of his responsiveness to my initial phone call, the fact that he charged flat fees instead of hourly, and his willingness to listen and take the time to help me understand all of the issues at hand. I was not quite sure if I would be getting quality service since I was only paying a flat rate, but Mr. Reichert was always responsive to every request that I had, no matter how small the request might be. I would definitely recommend Mr. Reichert to any landlord who is having a problem with a tenant. He made the entire process as painless as possible and more importantly got the exact results that I was hoping for.

I was looking to file bankruptcy and of course asked friends for referrals but all of their referrals were not within my budget. I found a flyer that was sent to my home from Michael Reichert and decided to give him a call. I AM SO THANKFUL that I did…he was great. Now days its so hard to be able to trust people because of all the scams and dishonesty but Mr. Reichert was great. He was very informative and on top of his game. He made sure everything was taken care of and done accurately. I appreciated working with him and his professionalism and clean and safe office environment. I usually NEVER write reviews but if you are looking for a wonderful lawyer…call with Mr. Reichert FIRST!!! He made everything so easy and affordable because I was very nervous about filing bankruptcy. I can’t thank him enough!!!

I was involved in an auto accident and the insurance company denied my claim. I was powerless against the insurance company, so I contacted Michael Reichert for help. He listened to my situation and then handled the entire problem without any more headaches. Everything was taken care of in a professional, friendly manner. I was completely satisfied with the results, and have used Michael Reichert for several other matters since then.